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翻译菜谱:求各种菜谱的英文翻译..谢谢!_求各种菜谱的英文翻译..谢谢!2セット作る 做两组(两套)生地を冷蔵库で一晩寝かせる 把原料放在冰箱,一个晚上。不断地

求各种菜谱的英文翻译..谢谢!2セット作る 做两组(两套)生地を冷蔵库で一晩寝かせる 把原料放在冰箱,一个晚上。不断地(擀)捏,使其变大。翻译菜谱double-flavor splitting steamed) Turbot current prices (steamed,green pepper dip,corals) Miyaho duck heart Kimchi Fenpi duck song Assorted juice simmered duck soup Dry speeding Duck Intestine Rugby vegetables Cucumber Duck Song Deep-fried duck wings Fresh duck blood Stew Wonton Sand nest duck Sibao Geely duck wire roll Green pepper dip bullfrogs Gold vinegar Pepper Fish Beijing Maotai Meat Sào Fenpiroumo Lightly fried the old shop Slightly fries loin Explosive air-dried meat, chili grind Intestine fried sausage Lian Chao Rousi vegetables Xiang cooking pig liver Octagonal burning hairtail Acid beans fried Sauce Raspberry sauce Baked Shrimp Balls Godmother eel Wang Beijing 酱肉 Wire Boiled waist piece South eggplant tenderloin pot Iron bacon potato chips Baked Shrimp Balls Silver Sand nest Small cakes fish soup meat Iron Cumin Beef Ligament Gan Guo match three like 干锅 Xiang Pai对应每一项(有些真的翻译不了)英文翻译菜谱1处一层纸上的蒜的重型铝箔和包。2烤在400F度预热烤箱大约45分钟或至软身。放凉到看得见。4皮丁香和麦芽用土豆时,土豆在冷水。6 .这是没有必要削土豆,翻译下菜谱。2セット作る 做两组(两套)生地を冷蔵库で一晩寝かせる 把原料放在冰箱,一个晚上。不断地(擀)捏,使其变大。翻译一个菜谱P0 秋季补水菜谱 autumn moisture-adding recipep1 一、核桃肉煲牛月展汤 beef soup with walnutp2 用料:牛月展450克,核桃肉80克,淮山20克,杞子2汤匙,姜1片,龙眼肉1汤匙 ingredient:cooking methods:p4 1、核桃肉放入锅中(不用油),慢火炒5分钟取出。turning off the slowfire after 5-minute simmering.p5 2、牛月展放人滚水中煮5分钟,then take it out and wash it.p6 3、核桃肉放人滚水中煮3分钟,捞起洗净。then take it out and wash it.p7 4、把适量水烧滚,放入所有材料,慢火煲3个半小时,放盐调味 boil a certain sum of water,stewing for about 3 and half hours with slow fire. then put some salt into it.外语翻译菜谱英文:香菇油菜 Mushroomsrape 菠萝咕老肉Sweet and Sour Pork日文:香菇油菜 しいたけ菜の花 菠萝咕老肉パイナップル酢豚谁帮我翻译一下菜谱脆皮瓜脯 Crisp Pi Guafu 火香茶树菇 the fire fragrant tea tree mushroom 锅仔生态菌 pot whelp ecology fungus 锅仔酿豆腐 pot whelp ferments the bean curd 海鲜粉丝堡 seafood bean or sweet potato starch noodles fort 咸鱼茄子堡 salt fish eggplant fort蟹黄豆花 The ovary and digestive gland of a crab legume flower 夹沙乳扇 clamps Sha Rushan in 铁板黑椒牛柳 the sheet iron black pepper cow 铁板牛蛙 willow tree sheet iron 铁板掌中宝 bullfrog sheet iron palm the valuable 铁板鸡脚筋 sheet iron chicken foot muscle 铁板鲜鱿 sheet iron fresh you碧绿菜卷 Deep green vegetable volume 银丝菜心 Silver thread vegetable heart 青椒洋芋丝 Green pepper potato silk 苦菜焖臭豆腐元 The sow thistle cooks in a covered vessel the strong-smellingfermented beancurd Yuan 滇味酥红豆元 Yunnan taste crisp red bean Yuan 白勺菜心 White bucket vegetable heart 鸡汤娃娃菜 Chicken soup baby vegetable 上汤娃娃菜 On soup baby vegetable 蚝油芥兰 Oyster oil Kale 回锅洋芋 Recooks the potato 清油双脆 The clear oil double is crisp 鸳鸯云南豆腐 Mandarin duck Yunnan bean curd 小米辣扣小芋头 The millet spicy buckle small sweet potato 过桥豆腐 Crosses the bridge bean curd 蒜茸粉丝蒸丝瓜 garlic deer velvet bean or sweet potato starch noodles have steamed snake gourd 臊子文哈蒸蛋 ground or diced meat Wen Hazheng the egg 汽锅鲜肉 boiler fresh meat 汽锅鸡 boiler chicken 榨菜蒸茄花 pickled mustard tuber to steam the eggplant colored 素扣肉 element seasoned steamed pork热 菜 The hot food dish 香煎银雪鱼 fragrant fries the silver snow fish 金丝沙拉虾 gold thread salad shrimp 傣味烤鲈鱼 Dai taste to roast perch 爽口鱼丁 tasty fish Ding 香嫩辣子鸡 Fragrant tender hot pepper chicken 风味红汤鱼片 flavor pork soup fish fillet 盐水虾 salt water shrimp 盐插虾 salt to insert the shrimp 干锅虾 to do the pot shrimp 干锅牛蛙 to do the pot bullfrog 香辣蟹 Fragrant spicy crab 葱姜蟹 onion Jiang Xiexiang 香茅草烤鸡 The fragrant bushes roast the chicken 饵块小煎鸡 The bait block slightly fries the chicken 酱香风味鸡 Sauce fragrant flavor chicken 串串鸡 string string chicken 韭菜花干巴菌爆鸡球 fragrant-flowered garlic dried flowers Pakistan fungus to explode the chicken ball 孜然羊排 The unwearied effort however mutton chop 橄榄菜炒肉丝 Chinese olive vegetablefries the shredded meat 宣威小炒肉 xuanwei slightly to fry meat 漳州小炒肉 Zhangzhou slightly to fry meat 小辣牛肉 small spicy beef 什锅牛肉 assorted pot beef 黑笋小黄牛 black bamboo shoots small ox 一品牛肉 Beef 回锅腊肉 to recook the cured meat 风情肉串 character and style meat string 美极鸭舌 In southwest the American extremely 香辣掌中宝 ducks tongue fragrant spicy palm the valuable 香辣鸡脚筋 fragrant spicy chicken foot muscle 穿越神仙骨 passes through the god graceful 萝卜丝金汤肥牛 radish silk impenetrable fortress fat cow 香蕉脊肉串 banana keel meat string 炖 菜 to cook the vegetable 松茸老火炖鸡 pine mushroom strict to stew chicken百合煨排骨 the lily to simmer the spareribs 生包杂烩 to live the package of stew 红烧狮子头 lion's head braised with vegetables 鸡汤素丝蛋卷 chicken soup element silk egg roll 凉 菜 cold dish 黄金脆耳 gold crisp ear 蕨根粉拌猪耳 fern root powder to mix the pig ear 沙姜鸡 zedoary chicken 香卤牛肉片 fragrant halogen beef piece 橙汁藕片 orange juice lotus root piece 秘制酱鸭 Peru system sauce duck 美容养颜羹 cosmetology to raise the face thick soup 冰心酒香橙 pure-heart liquor citron 喃咪鱼皮 nan onamot dried shark skin 冰镇瓜条拼西红柿 to ice the sugared melon slice to put together the tomato 香草柠檬牛肉 vanilla lemon beef 滇味凉米线 Yunnan taste cool rice-flour noodle 喃咪呛螺片 nan onamot to choke the spiral piece 灰蛋豆腐 ash egg bean curd 云南卤水拼 Yunnan bittern to put together 西南风干腊肠 air seasoning sacrificial intestines 野山椒拌鸭肫 wild Shan Jiaoban the duck gizzard 凉拌木耳 cold food in sauce auricularia auricula 汤 类 soup class 沙锅豆腐 earthen pot bean curd 番茄蛋花羹 tomato egg flower thick soup 鲜花银丝羹 fresh flower silver thread thick soup 花生野菜汤 The peanut wild vegetable soup 三鲜汤 seafood soup 滇味酸辣汤 Yunnan taste hot and sour soup 大白菜汤 becomes known the vegetable soup 淡水小苦菜汤 fresh water small bitter vegetable soup 菠菜汤 spinach vegetable soup 大苦菜汤 great hardship vegetable soup 蒸 菜 to steam the vegetable 干巴菌蒸桂鱼 dry fungus to steam the mandarin fish 干巴菌蒸鲈鱼 dry fungus to steam the perch 干巴菌蒸武昌鱼 dry fungus to steam the megalobrama amblycephala 清蒸桂鱼 to steam the mandarin fish 清蒸鲈鱼 to steamthe perch 清蒸武昌鱼 to steam the megalobrama amblycephala 清蒸草鱼 to steam the grass carp 开胃花鲢鱼to whet the appetite the colored silver carp